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what started off as fun date adventures involving traveling to new towns, hitting up thrift stores, supporting independent shops, sifting through records, searching for the best pizza, playing some pinball while sipping on some beers from local breweries...eventually grew into what Rascal Salvage Vintage is today. our collections are always evolving, one of a kind and truly reflects both of our points of view and now we get to share them with you!

we scout high + low for super unique things that are quirky + FUN, vintage + pop culture decor and collectibles and make us yell to each other across the room, "WOAHHH, check this out!" and we hope you have the same reaction.

-rob + michele

rascal salvage vintage / ice cream cone / michele

hi, i'm michele

i'm a thrifty gal with a sketchbook full of ideas and a love to create something out of nothing. home decor is my passion, neon colors make me smile, and going on treasure hunts + visiting new towns are my jam.

i've worked in the visual merchandising world for the last 16 years and specialize in visual & lifestyle storytelling, apparel & home styling and space creation. freelance gigs and projects are where my true passion lies and i LOVE + appreciate any opportunity that makes me think outside the box. let's talk!

personal expression comes in many forms and i hope that our love for the kitschy, weird, eccentric, old + unique treasures we discover speak to you.

rascal salvage vintage / crazy eddies / rob

hey there, i'm rob

after growing up surrounded by antiques, i have a love for everything from vintage tools to space age toys + tunes. seeing people walk into our collection with a smile on their face and maybe a vintage skateboard or a great record makes my day.

if you are ever looking to grow your vinyl collection or add tunes to your home or store, get in touch!