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LET'S COLLABORATE // we specialize in visual & lifestyle storytelling, apparel & home styling and space creation.  we would love to talk about how we can help you with your home, a room, finding a specific object, styling your air bnb, staging your home that's for sale, window displays or even your retail store. let's brainstorm!

we also LOVE collecting vinyl and enjoy curating collections of specifics genres and time periods.  iif you're looking for a collection for you, your home or your business, we'd love to help.  rock on!

SELLING + BUYING // have something(s) that you think we would LOVE or know someone that does?  let's connect as we are always looking for new places to source new treasures.

GENERAL 411 // have ideas, questions, know of some opportunities....sounds good to us!

NEWSLETTER // we are slowly working on creating a monthly zine highlighting fun collections to share straight to your inbox.  it's still in the beginning stages but here is where we'd love to collect some fun info from you so that when it goes LIVE, you're on the list.

IT'S A SURPRISE // we love surprises


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